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       Raising Butterflies in the Garden By Brenda Dziedzic

       Caterpillars of Eastern North America By David Wagner

       How To Raise Monarch Butterflies By Carol Pasternak

Nurseries that carry butterfly nectar and host plants

Barson's Greenhouse

Wildtype Native Plant Nursery 


The Native Plant Nursery LLC (Ann Arbor Farmer's Market)


Hidden Savanna Nursery


Plant lists


Wildtype Nursery's Butterfly Plants list


Xerces Society's Great Lakes Plants

Native Landscape Designers:

Creating Sustainable Landscapes LLC


Natural Community Services

Wildtype Ecological Services

Websites to learn more: - includes ID guides


Butterflies and Moths of North America - contribute your sightings

Discover Life - includes ID guides


Michigan Flora Online - Searchable plant database


Monarch Watch


North American Butterfly Association


The Native Plant Nursery's searchable plant database


The Xerces Society


Links shared by "Good Bug, Bad Bug" speaker, Kristine Hahn (June 2018): 


1) Attracting Beneficial Insects with Native Flowering Plants


2) Bees of the Great Lakes Region and Wildflowers to Support Them


3) Michigan State University, Department of Entomology, Native Plants and Ecosystem Services:



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