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Meetings 7:00 p.m.

Crosswalk Community Church

38600 Palmer Rd Westland

(new location)

Meetings are held the third Thursday of the month between January and October.

Guest attendees are welcome!

The cost of attendance is $3 for guests or free with annual membership. Annual membership is $15 

see the Membership section for more details and application.

2024 Meetings

January 18 - "Macheros Mexico and Overwintering Monarchs" - Brenda Sattler

February 15 - "Butterflies, Ants, and Aphids" - Brenda Sattler

March 21 - Speaker - Mike D. - "Growing for Wildlife"

                    Grant Application Deadline - March 31

April 18 - Speaker Cheryl English - "Pollinator Preservation Strategies"

                Announce Grant Award Recipients

May 16 - Moth Mating Cage Workshop

June 20 - "Q an A" with Brenda Sattler

July 13 - Brenda Sattler, Westland, Garden Walk, 1 -4 pm

               Elmer Grimm, Garden Walk, 10-4

July 20 - John Blair's Open Garden Walk,  Brooklyn, 12:30 pm,

               Bugtopia, Westland

July 27 - 3 B's Native Garden, Detroit Audubon/ SEMBA Event 1 pm,

               Corrado Park, 8500 Flamingo Blvd, Westland.

SATURDAY August 3rd - 1pm "Moths" - Mike Gilligan from "The Ohio Lepidopterists"


September 19 - "Winter Clean Up", by Brenda Sattler,

October 17 -  Tea Cup Celebration,

SEMBA Sponsered
Butterfly Gardens 
Don't forget to check out:
3B’s Native Plant Garden, Birds, Butterflies, and Bees
located at Corrado Park
8500 Flamingo St, Westland, MI 48185, USA
(map below)
Check out how 3B's looks in the winter. You might not be alone though, birds and other wildlife may be there enjoying some native seeds and habitat!   

Joanne Schwab spearheaded this great project. She is working with Westland Parks and Recreation Director Latricia Gunnells, Wayne County Master Gardener Coordinator Deirdre Hope, Brenda Dziedzic, Master Gardener and proprietor of Brenda’s Butterfly Habitat.

Western Wayne County Master Gardeners and SEMBA provided generous grants

Past Meeting Topics

  • Butterflies, Ants, and Aphids by Brenda Dziedzic

  • How to Make a Butterfly Garden by John Blair

  • Guess What Butterflies are Drinking, Plant Nectar and/or Fruit Juice by Caryle Spence

  • The Beauty of Native Plants by Drew Lathin, Owner of Creating Sustainable Landscapes 

  • How We Can Help the Butterflies by Brenda Dziedzic

  • Good Bug, Bad Bug by Kristine Hahn, an MSU Extension Horticulture and Natural Resources Educator

  • Growing for Wildlife by John DeLisle, Owner/Ecologist at Natural Community Services

  • Designing and Maintaining Residential Native Landscapes by Bill Schneider - Owner of Wildtype Nursery 

  • The Milkweed Community by Independent Naturalist and Blogger Don Drife, 'The Michigan Nature Guy'

  • Movie viewing of "Toward Harmony with Nature, Native Plants, and Natural Landscapes" - by Doug Tallamy, author of "Bringing Nature Home".

  • Attracting Butterflies to Your Garden by Brenda Dziedzic - Owner of Brenda's Butterfly Habitat and author. Then shopping at Barson's Greenhouse  for butterfly host and nectar plants.

  • Field Trip to Brenda Dziedzic's and John Blair's gardens

  • Maintaining Butterfly Gardens by SEMBA Pres., Carolyn Sohoza. The dos and don’ts of maintaining a butterfly garden.

  • Movie viewing of Wings of Life. An intimate look at flowers, butterflies, bats, & other flying pollinators and their critical importance to the world's food supply.


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