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Some of our meeting topics include: 

  • Lifecycles of Common Michigan Butterflies and Moths

  • Butterfly Garden Design - for new and existing gardens

  • Conservation Efforts

  • Rearing Butterflies - from egg to release of the adult

  • Plant Identification

  • Native Plant Seminar and Sale

  • Good Bug, Bag Bug - identify beneficial and harmful insects in your garden

  • Handling and Tagging Lepidoptera

  • Informational Movies - watch movies on Monarch Migration, select Michigan butterfly species, and more.


In 2007, a group of butterfly enthusiasts decided to set a time each month to share plants, caterpillars, information, and friendship. After some initial discussions we decided we'd like to share our knowledge and experience with others - and the Southeast Michigan Butterfly Association was formed!




Before & After

SEMBA's Butterfly Garden

at Nankin Mills Nature Center

Mission Statement: It is our mission to share our knowledge to educate people about Lepidoptera and their habitats, to instill and foster a passion for nature in others, and to establish and preserve the environment for butterflies, skippers and moths.

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